Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Basic Principles to Consider Before Placing a Carpet

"Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet and the rest will fall into place." It is by all means true that you should start with a carpet when you set up your room but there are other aspects to consider too. ‘Principles’ we call them. These principles are vital to set the function, mood and personality while decorating your space. Following these principles will get you the desired look and allow for alterations whenever possible.

Questions to ponder upon: 

What rooms in your home do you want the carpets installed? Bedroom? Hallway? Living? Dining?

What is the traffic to each of these rooms?
The level of traffic on your carpet will define the kind of usage of your carpet. More traffic means more danger of spillage, stains and dirt.

Does the room receive a lot of sunlight?
Place your carpet wisely, so that it is not exposed too much sunlight.

How often do you clean or vacuum it?
Every day? Once in a week?

Answering these questions will help you determine the right carpet for your home.

Pick rug first: If you’re moving to a new place or decorating your room from scratch, then you need to choose a rug first and pick other elements that go well with it. It is ideal to start off by building the scheme from the floor up. Once you are set on the rug, it will help you complete your desired interior. If you are selecting the rug after you have furnished the room, however, look for colours in a rug that complement a favourite piece of artwork or blend in with your soft furnishings.

Choose style: If you follow contemporary style, having plush, cut and loop pile, and shaggy ones look great. Also, a plush shiny carpets with some sheen adds glamour to your space. If your style is classic or traditional, then a Persian, Oriental, Kilims will be apt for your space.

Size matters: Placing carpets in your home actually enhances the size of your room as well as visually appeals to the eyes. The size of your carpet should be big enough to set boundaries and ground your furniture and make the room look spacious. For instance, it should be large enough to at least accommodate the front legs of the furniture on it. Similarly, in your bedroom you need to feel the carpet under your feet when you get out of bed.

Determine focal point: Every room needs one main focal point. Your carpet can be that point or it can support another object such as a painting, crystal ware or piece of furniture. You just don't want multiple things competing, or your room will feel too busy and confusing.

Pick colour:  Pick a colour that goes with the current trend or colour scheme or your decor. Neutral colours such as beige, black, brown or white go well with most of the décor setting. The most high-traffic area of your home should be layered with carpets in darker hues. To present an artistic and classy appeal to your décor, place a contemporary carpet with bright colours. For lounge area, a plain rug with various weaves and textures and modern designs looks great.

Mix and match: Besides, your carpet need not match all your furniture or accessories in the room instead it could match at least the sofa pillows or drapes. Similar patterns and textures like that of your carpet in your decor is also a good choice. Complementary colours are great too and are hard to go wrong. It is highly suggested to have carpet and the curtains in contrast shades to bring in positive vibes.

Every home is unique and requires different kinds of carpets to add the one element that makes it complete. Eventually, the carpet you choose will become the foundation of your decor for each room you design.

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